GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test

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GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test is a home-test to detect the presence of hCG in urine before missed period (from the 10th day after conception) with more than 99,0% accuracy: hCG values in the urine are measured.

Test performance

The tests can be performed at any time of the day. However, the first morning urine is advised to be used for testing as it contains the highest concentration of hCG pregnancy hormone.


Home pregnancy tests determine the presence of hCG pregnancy hormone in a sample of urine. hCG level doubles approximately every two days and GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test can detect it in urine as early as 10 days following conception. GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test have similar results to the pregnancy tests done on urine in most doctors‘ offices if they are used exactly as instructed.

GraviQUICK Instructions for use

Here you can download our easy to understand instructions for use which contains additional information about our products.

GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test

GraviQUICK Early Pregnancy Rapid Test Instructions for use PDF download

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