With our Rapid Diagnostic Tests you can test yourself at home.

NanoRepro AG specializes in the development, manufacturing and distribution of medical rapid tests (self-diagnostics) for home and clinical use, in the domestic and international markets. So far, the company has introduced 24 rapid tests. All products have a minimum of 97% of laboratory accuracy and are easy to read (5-10 minutes). NanoRepro AG has various product lines in the areas of family planning, disease detection (preventive health care) as well as food intolerances, allergies, infectious diseases. Rapid diagnostic tests for home use are available without prescription in pharmacies and at our online stores.

NanoRepro AG immunochromatographic rapid tests for self-diagnostics use the method of immunoanalysis to determine the corresponding antibodies from the sample. In-vitro diagnostic refers in accordance with the essential requirements of the relevant EU Council Directive 98/79/EC Article 9 paragraph 1 sentence 2 from 27.10.1998 (IVD Directive).

All self-tests of NanoRepro AG are available without prescription at the pharmacy and in our Online-Shops.

NanoRepro AG Allergy Line

Allergy Line

If the body reacts hypersensitive, allergies can be the trigger. Allergies are widespread within society and sometimes severely make their lives much more difficult. Whether you are suffering from grass pollen allergy, dust mite allergies or allergies to certain foods, our self tests can help you determine your allergic reactions and discuss them with your doctor.


Family Planning Line

Family Planning Line

For many couples having children is the first priority in their life. Unfortunately sometimes this dream does not come true immediately. Our self tests support you in your family planning.




Preventive Healthcare line

Preventive Healthcare Line

Health care should be a top priority for every human being, but often it is lost in the increasingly fast-paced everyday life. Visiting a doctor is considered as too complex or time-intensive, which in case of emergency can lead people to actually avoidable diseases. Our self tests can be done at home easily.


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