Alphabiol Beauty Elixier

People want to shine from the inside, being naturally beautiful and accepted. Everyone wants to feel good in his skin and express this fact externally. Unfortunately, the natural aging process of the skin begins at the age of 25, wrinkles appear, the skin loses its elasticity. In addition to age, external factors such as sun, stress, nicotine and alcohol have a damaging effect on our skin.

While the active ingredients of creams can often only penetrate into the upper layers of the skin, Alphabiol Beauty Elixier follows a special concept for care from the inside - with the 7-fold anti-aging formula.

alphabiol Beauty Elixier is a beauty drink, the effect has been scientifically proven and let the skin shine from the inside - based on exclusively combined micronutrients.

The drinking ampoule is easy to take - with the taste of black currant, aronia and elderberry. The effect of Alphabiol Beauty Elixier has been scientifically proven.

Scientifically proven: The Collagen Peptide Effect

Clinical studies¹ have shown that bioactive collagen peptides have reduced wrinkle depth² and improved skin elasticity³. In combination with micronutrients and hylauronic acid, the skin is supplied with substances from the inside that can counteract visible skin aging.

Taken over a longer period of time, the signs of skin aging are significantly reduced:

  • Reduction of wrinkle depth²: -20%
  • Elastin concentration²: + 18%
  • Improvement in skin elasticity³: + 7%

High-quality ingredients in a unique combination: 7-fold anti-aging formula

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are important factors when it comes to the moisture content of the skin and its firmness. Alphabiol Beauty Elixier combines these two crucial substances with other important nutrients for hair, skin and nails.

Optimally coordinated raw materials of the purest quality as well as the liquid dosage form guarantee maximum effectiveness and quick, sustainable usability. The body can also absorb the micronutrients required every day particularly well because raw materials with the highest bioavailability are used.

In addition to the collagen peptides, each drinking ampoule contains a special combination of nutrients that make the skin glow from the inside:

  1. Hyaluronic acid helps improve skin moisture and elasticity
  2. Alp Phyto is a plant extract from 7 organic certified Alpine herbs from Switzerland
  3. Zinc helps maintain normal skin
  4. Vitamin E helps protect the cells from oxidative stress
  5. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for normal skin function
  6. Lycopene is a phytochemical phytochemical that helps protect the skin
  7. - Biotin helps maintain normal skin


Nutrients Per ampoule (25 ml) Per 100 ml % NRV2)per 25 ml
Collagen hydrolysat
2500 mg 10000 mg **
Hyaluronic acid 100 mg 400 mg **
N-acetylglucosamine 750 mg 3000 mg **
Alpine herb extract 250 mg 1000 mg **
Lycopin 10 mg 40 mg **
Vitamin C
200 mg 800 mg 250
Vitamin E 30 mg 120 mg 250
Biotin 50 μg 200 μg 100
Trace element
7,5 mg 30 mg 75
Nutritional values Per ampoule (25 ml) Per 100 ml Reference amounts
Energy 45,1 kJ / 10,6 kcal 180,3 kJ /
42,4 kcal
8400 kJ /
2000 kcal
Fat <0,025 g <0,1 g 70g
of which
saturated fatty acids
<0,002 g <0,01 g 20g
Total Carbohydrate 0,07 g 0,28 g 260 g
of which sugar 0,045 g 0,18 g 90 g
Protein 2,25 g 9,0 g 50 g
Salt 0,08 g 0,32 g 6 g

NRV 2) : Nutrient reference values

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Recommended intake

  1. Take one ampoule daily - preferably in the evening
  2. Ideal duration of use: 6 weeks and longer

1) Carried out at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Dermatology Department with 114 participants
2) Minimum consumption period: 8 weeks, study with collagen peptides: Proksch E et al.: Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2014; 27: 113-119.
3) Minimum consumption period: 4 weeks, study with collagen peptides: Proksch E et al.: Skin Pharmacol Physiol 2014; 27: 47-55.

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