Don't drink and drive

AlkoholTEST is a disposable breathalyzer used to measure the concentration of alcohol in the exhaled breath. AlkoholTEST detects the presence of alcohol as low as 0,2‰* of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and distinguishes low levels of alcohol from levels in excess of 0,1 mg/l in the exhaled breath. Already 0,2‰ BAC impairs driving skills and increase the risk of being involved in a crash.

AlkoholTEST contains a glass tube filled with active substance in the adsorption granules form, filters, foil and 2 protection caps.


BAC level rises during an hour after last alcohol consumption. BAC will also depend on a number of other factors including: sex, age, physical condition, amount of food or drugs consumed, type of alcohol as well as many other factors. AlkoholTEST is designed for personal use only and should be taken as a warning that the subject may have detectable alcohol in their system. It is not the o+cial BAC measurement test. A positive result should be confirmed by an evidentiary alcohol test.


  • is NOT a medical product (medical rapid test)
  • does NOT give the results to be used in court

Alkohol TEST Instructions for use

Here you can download our easy to understand instructions for use which contains additional information about our products.

Alkohol TEST Instructions for use PDF download

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